Monday, May 10, 2010


Well it has certainly been a busy quarter. I just got back from NYC where my Sufjan portrait was in the Society of Illustrator's student exhibition (yay!) and am working on something similar which I thought I would throw up here (word choice?) even though its not done yet. Portrait of Maria Callas as Norma. Or maybe Lucia.

Maybe next quarter I will keep up here better. Remember you can always follow along on Flickr which I tend to update more often since there is no pressure to come up with witty written accompaniments. :-P

Friday, March 26, 2010

From Last Quarter

A frog painting I did.

And, I got a cat! Whose name, coincidentally, is also Frog.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


This portrait of singer Sufjan Stevens, which I did last quarter in my Illustration Techniques class at SCAD, was juried into the Society of Illustrator's 2010 Student Scholarship Exhibition. So I framed it all up and sent it off to NYC. I'll be going up in May to attend the festivities/observe the proceedings. A really exciting opportunity and a great honor!!

Some process shots for a portrait I'm doing. I've been looking at illustrator Mel Odom and wanted to try my hand at some fun 80s splatter backgrounds.

Frederic Michalak, French rugby

A little shot of my desk, mid-painting. I think its fun to see people's workspaces.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Recent Events

I wanted to practice this technique a little more, so I put together a portrait of my friend Ryan. Some steps:

First I transferred my image and painted over it with a warm acrylic undertone to establish the highlights of the painting.

Then I went over the acrylic with a contrasting dark layer of gouache to establish the darks. The gouache is watersoluble so once it's down you can remove it with a wet brush to reveal your image.

Then I fixed the gouache with sprayfix, and started going back over it with acrylic again.

Not much of the gouache layer ended up showing through, but its still a really useful technique for establishing values. I wanted to work with some fun shadow colors here. I've been thinking about Pontormo's Deposition a lot.

Grisaille underpainting on shaped canvas for class. Pretty excited about this. Not done yet.

Some mail art I made.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Homework and Funwork

Our most recent Illustration techniques assignment was a multistep, multimedia process that we used to design a cover for a story by Poe. You lay down a layer of acrylic to establish your midtones, then a layer of gouache to establish your darks (spray-fixing between each coat), then you pick out highlights from the [water-soluble] gouache (which is opaque watercolor) using a wet brush to expose the acrylic underneath. Then you add color with watercolors and put in your highlights and other details with a final layer of acrylic. There are pictures because it is confusing.

This is part way through picking out my midtones through the gouache. The acrylic layer, which is that yellow-green greasy color, is showing through the dark maroon-purple of the gouache. (This is an illustration for The Fall of the House of Usher btw...showing Madeline merging with the house as it sinks into the glowing waters of the tarn.

All the acrylic-midtones are established now. At this point the water seems much more stylized than the rest of the image, but this got sorted out in the final acrylic phase.

I've started to lay in colors and highlights with acrylic on the face and the undersides of the clouds.
Here's a picture of the final product. it is blurry and the color is a little off (mostly just in the lights of the chin and the waves) but I thought I would include it since the texture of the gesso made the scan pick up a little reflection on each imperfection of the surface...not so good.
And here's the final, with type treatment.

Something fun I am coloring in Photoshop. The water looks sort of the same.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


In an effort to make more art - no matter what, just something - I did this little colored picture and spent the afternoon reading Brandon Graham's livejournal insteadof doing my homework. Well, i did a little bit.

Trent and Draco. Not telling which is which.