Friday, March 26, 2010

From Last Quarter

A frog painting I did.

And, I got a cat! Whose name, coincidentally, is also Frog.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


This portrait of singer Sufjan Stevens, which I did last quarter in my Illustration Techniques class at SCAD, was juried into the Society of Illustrator's 2010 Student Scholarship Exhibition. So I framed it all up and sent it off to NYC. I'll be going up in May to attend the festivities/observe the proceedings. A really exciting opportunity and a great honor!!

Some process shots for a portrait I'm doing. I've been looking at illustrator Mel Odom and wanted to try my hand at some fun 80s splatter backgrounds.

Frederic Michalak, French rugby

A little shot of my desk, mid-painting. I think its fun to see people's workspaces.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Recent Events

I wanted to practice this technique a little more, so I put together a portrait of my friend Ryan. Some steps:

First I transferred my image and painted over it with a warm acrylic undertone to establish the highlights of the painting.

Then I went over the acrylic with a contrasting dark layer of gouache to establish the darks. The gouache is watersoluble so once it's down you can remove it with a wet brush to reveal your image.

Then I fixed the gouache with sprayfix, and started going back over it with acrylic again.

Not much of the gouache layer ended up showing through, but its still a really useful technique for establishing values. I wanted to work with some fun shadow colors here. I've been thinking about Pontormo's Deposition a lot.

Grisaille underpainting on shaped canvas for class. Pretty excited about this. Not done yet.

Some mail art I made.