Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Much-Maligned Gull

I know everyone hates seagulls, but I love them. I think they are adorable and hilarious. They always have that grumpy, sour look in their beaks, as if they were displeased, vinegary cats, and their feathers are so white and smooth that I imagine petting one would be incredibly soft and satisfying.

I just found these gulls photos from Schoodic in Maine that I took on my vacation back in May. I don't know if anyone will love them like I do, but it's my blog so I'm just posting all of them :D haha!
The gulls in Schoodic seemed more ecologically naive than others I'd seen, so I was able to get pretty close and took pictures of this one (later joined by a friend) for about 20 minutes.

How terpsichorean!

At the end there were two that got into all kinds of tableaux.

Just hating everything!

The awkward, ballerinalike things they do as they clean themselves are another thing that reminds me of a cat, trying to lick every bit of its legs.

I love how abstract they become as they preen - like little headless puffs.

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Portrait of Sufjan Stevens

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Can't Stop...

...listening to:
Z, by My Morning Jacket.

Homogenic, by Björk

Oracular Spectacular by MGMT

Anywhere I Lay My Head, by Scarlet Johanssen

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back On Track

Ok, I've actually been "back," as in "regularly at my studio," for a little while now (July was a very slow month - necessary downtime) but haven't been putting up pictures. Thank for the nudge, Jake, this one goes out to you. And Tim, if you're seeing this, go paint something! :D

The whole shebang, set up for a studio visit/critique.

From a few days ago. The places with little black X's are prepared for my assistant the talented Susie to paint in. :D

The core of the megature. A colloquium of rabbits.

This is an example of the light refracting (science term check?) differently through the colored clouds at different angles. From the front they are not very bright and can even look like unpainted silver, whereas from this angle they are very red (or blue, n other areas).


a dear sheep

a fat sheep

Brood Nurse

Snared In Its Glory

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Foxes

A fox meeting a rabbit under a moon and a pine.

All handmade elements assembled in Photoshop.

From The Vault
Summer 2006. Some details from an album cover I did for After The Sirens.

field of thorns

the sky is assembling an army

cities built on bones

Two little creatures, probably from 2004 or something like that. Wow.