Friday, February 20, 2009

Woodland Manifesto

A few weeks ago I rediscovered this important early work from c2003. It's a collaboration with Jon Zoba, and is heavily influenced both by his use of geometry, which has largey informed my ideas of structure since then, and by my discovery at about that time of the work of Swiss Art Brut artist Adolf Wölfli. You can see some clear parellels in last year's Narnia pieces and also in my senior thesis work, esp. The Lover's Resolution.

Also incorporates excerpts from Dvôrak's symphony From The New World.

Probably the biggest I had gone at that time, and the most extensive use of decorative and ornamental elements.

Woodland Manifesto/The Planets ink, mechanical and colored pencils on paper, aaprox. 11"x18" (?)

detail (Earth. Coilglade.)
Frog, rabbit, lynchee, hedgehog, Wölfli snails, lotus buds

detail (Mars)

detail (pediment)

detail (Lisa)

detail (swimmer)

detail (Ice. Galeglory)

detail (Munephorse. Tiderace. II:Adagio.)


Some art I made recently around the idea of paper dolls and action figures with included accessories.

Dark Hills illustration, Edwin Arlington Robinson


Alissa (Zombie/Clown)

Part of an experiment with painting and drawing onto print-outs. It is a little outré but I like it. I don't think Alissa does so much...