Monday, May 10, 2010


Well it has certainly been a busy quarter. I just got back from NYC where my Sufjan portrait was in the Society of Illustrator's student exhibition (yay!) and am working on something similar which I thought I would throw up here (word choice?) even though its not done yet. Portrait of Maria Callas as Norma. Or maybe Lucia.

Maybe next quarter I will keep up here better. Remember you can always follow along on Flickr which I tend to update more often since there is no pressure to come up with witty written accompaniments. :-P


Dorothy said...

lucia like lucia de lammormor or map & lucia?

Dorothy said...
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Dorothy said...

it's gorgeous grant, it hadn't loaded yet when i made my other comment xoxo

MEL said...

wow this is really beautiful,
I'm really in love with your portraits.

joven said...

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